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Meet Talk Giving in action [1 day until World Book Day]

Louise, who writes a lovely blog called Sew Scrumptious, got in touch to tell us about her book group’s Meet, Talk Give.

Louise writes, “I have to admit to having a slight hangover the next day after a few glasses of vino”, although their chosen book “was enjoyable but not mind blowing in any way.”

Still, it sounds like a very sociable way to raise £12! Thanks to Louise and her friends, Book Aid International can send six more books to sub-Saharan Africa.

Thanks Louise!


What sort of books will you send? [3 days until World Book Day]

Guwe Secondary School Library

As we all gear up for World Book Day, and with lots of you taking part in or supporting some kind of fundraising activity, we thought you might like to know what sorts of books you’ll be helping to send overseas.

Book Aid International focuses on sub-Saharan Africa because it’s the poorest region in the world, and they have many different needs. We support them with:

School books: We provide school and public libraries with supplementary reading materials such as encyclopaedias, atlases, dictionaries and fiction (including titles published in Africa). They support what pupils learn in class and help develop their literacy skills.

Fiction: We send a range of fiction for adults and young people alike, with popular romance and English language classics enormously enjoyed by readers. Fiction offers escapism, relaxation and a window on another world.

Vocational books: We send around 25,000 vocational books to partners a year, in subjects as varied as tourism, electronics, publishing, office skills and business studies. While unemployment rates are generally high in sub-Saharan Africa, many employers need an increasingly educated workforce, and many governments are encouraging vocational training to stimulate their economies.

Teacher training: We provide thousands of books to support vital programmes for teacher training in a number of our partner countries. More books are also needed in schools where one book is sometimes shared between ten pupils.

Health titles: We give specialist health books and general titles to medical schools, hospitals, and community health centres. These institutions do not have adequate books for their readers, nor the budget to buy them.

There you have it. When you join in for World Book Day on Thursday, you’ll be helping to send all these forms of support, as well as training for librarians and much more.

So do something incredible this Thursday.

Mzilikazi Public Library Bulawayo

Schools: still looking for ideas? [4 days until World Book Day]

It’s only a few days to go until World Book Day 2011…but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for your school to organise something to celebrate the occasion. Here are three simple ideas:

Book sale

These days it’s not unusual to have a few unwanted books lying around at home – things you’ve read long ago, or books that were bought as presents but that you already had. Why not ask your pupils to round up all those books and have a lunchtime book sale on Thursday? Price them as simply as possible: every £2 sends another book to sub-Saharan Africa!

Book tent

In many African countries, tents are used for reading, sharing books and other activities. Why not create a book tent at school and charge anyone who wants to read a book £2 to go in there?

Cake sale

You can’t go wrong with the tried and trusted cake sale! All you need are some delicious cakes, flapjacks and other sweet treats to sell, and you’ve got a surefire success on your hands. Again, keep your prices simple. You could charge 50p per slice of cake, for example.

What has your school got planned for World Book Day?

Tweet Talk Give [6 days until World Book Day]

We’ve been hearing a few more stories about interesting things you’re up to for World Book Day. One of them is Tweet Talk Give, a Twitter version of our own Meet Talk Give activity that anyone can join in with.

If you’re planning something for World Book Day, we’d love to hear about it!

Just one week till World Book Day!

So today is the last Thursday before 3 March 2011. Which means we’ve just one week to go till World Book Day!

If you’re planning to do something on or around the day itself, now’s the time to spread the word. Tell your friends, family and more know what you’re up to. And don’t forget that Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are here to help you get the word out faster. While you’re about it, feel free to let us know your plans here on the blog, or through our Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #worldbookday2011. You can share any pictures you take there, or on our  World Book Day group.

If you’re still looking for inspiration for your World Book Day celebrations, check out these people who have excited us with what they are up to

And, just in case you need any reminder about why your support for World Book Day is so important, remember that, with your help, books change lives.



Win a Tidy Books bookcase and help send books to Africa

If you’ve been on Twitter recently you may have seen that we’ve teamed up with Tidy Books for a fabulous World Book Day competition.

Tidy Books are a fantastic company who make and sell gorgeous bookcases for children. They also have a blog that’s well worth checking out.

Tidy books are asking everyone to nominate either the book that changed their life, or their favourite book as a child. For every four nominations they receive on the Tidy Books Facebook page, they will send a book to Africa. How great is that?

That’s the equivalent of £2 or $3 for every four nominations, and, as if that weren’t enough, they will also hold a prize draw on World Book Day to win a Tidy Books bookcase, and there will be a special discount code for those interested in buying.

We’re obviously very excited about this and about hearing what your favourite books as children were.

Time for a sponsored fact find? Win a DK library!

One of the many ways you can get involved with World Book Day is with your primary school. And what better way to do that than through a sponsored fact find? Which means that Book Aid International’s National Sponsored ABC Fact Find is exactly the thing for you!

There’s even a chance for your school to win a complete Dorling Kindersley library worth £200!

It’s really simple. Just download the World Book Day poster and follow the instructions to get your pupils making their very own books about countries in sub-Saharan Africa. They do some research to complete their ABC facts, and decorate their books with flags, pictures from the internet and anything else that might be relevant.

With sponsorship they get to raise funds that will send books to communities in those countries. And you can submit your school’s favourite books to us by 11 May for your chance to win that DK library!