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Schools support World Book Day

Since World Book Day we’ve received and spotted many stories of schools fundraising for Book Aid International. Here are just a couple of them:

Newton Abbot College held a book sale.

Just look at all those happy customers!

And we spotted this fantastic article in the Hampshire Chronicle about Kings Worthy Primary School’s brilliant World Book Day celebrations. All the pupils dressed up as characters from their favourite books and carried out a whole week of book related events in order to raise money for Book Aid International.

Don’t they look great!

We expect there were many mums and dads working very hard the night before these celebrations to get costumes ready!

Huge thanks to all the schools and pupils who took part in World Book Day celebrations for us and please do keep sending in your pictures and stories. We love hearing about them!


Schools: still looking for ideas? [4 days until World Book Day]

It’s only a few days to go until World Book Day 2011…but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for your school to organise something to celebrate the occasion. Here are three simple ideas:

Book sale

These days it’s not unusual to have a few unwanted books lying around at home – things you’ve read long ago, or books that were bought as presents but that you already had. Why not ask your pupils to round up all those books and have a lunchtime book sale on Thursday? Price them as simply as possible: every £2 sends another book to sub-Saharan Africa!

Book tent

In many African countries, tents are used for reading, sharing books and other activities. Why not create a book tent at school and charge anyone who wants to read a book £2 to go in there?

Cake sale

You can’t go wrong with the tried and trusted cake sale! All you need are some delicious cakes, flapjacks and other sweet treats to sell, and you’ve got a surefire success on your hands. Again, keep your prices simple. You could charge 50p per slice of cake, for example.

What has your school got planned for World Book Day?