Our volunteers come in all sizes!

No doubt you know about World Book Day and may have even seen some of the World Book Day fundraising action that we’ve posted on this blog. We are always enormously grateful for the support we get from children and love how enthusiastic they are about what we do here at Book Aid International.

Because of this we were very excited to team up with St George’s CE Primary School just down the road from our headquarters. The school had a ‘dress up as your favourite book character day’ for World Book Day and raised a fantastic £150 for Book Aid International sending 75 books to Africa. They then had a competition to decide the 2 best dressed children in each year group (ages 5-11) who were then chosen to come and pay Book Aid International a visit.

We often have volunteers in and out of our offices, but not normally fourteen school children, so it was great fun!

The kids arrived at 1.45 and Martina, our Trust and Corporate Fundraiser showed them around our warehouse where all our books are kept, told them about where the books come from, what we do with them when they arrive and what happens to them when they leave us.

The children were happy to hear that the money they raised would be sending these books to Africa and quite possibly to children so similar to themselves. They were able to browse the book shelves for a little while before starting to help us stamp the books.

Gathered round tables, with stamps in their hands, in just one hour the children managed to stamp 1,946 books between them! Amazing! And not only that, but at 2.30 when they had to back to school most of them wanted to stay for the rest of the afternoon, even if it meant missing their tea!


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