Interested in volunteering? Get packing!

Has National Volunteer Week or reading the Book Aid International blog made you interested in doing some good? Would you like to dip your toe in the water, to see what it’s like before you consider making a bigger commitment? Then look no further.

On Wednesday 6 July we’ll be holding another one of our regular volunteer evenings, a great way to meet new people and have fun, whilst also learning more about our work and helping to change lives in sub-Saharan Africa.

From 6pm we’ll be receiving both new volunteers and familiar faces for an evening tour of Book Aid International’s warehouse, followed by some packing of books into parcels to go overseas – the wheels of which will be greased by plenty of drinks and nibbles.

So it’ll probably end up looking something like this:

If you’re interested, just let us know by emailing Martina, our volunteer coordinator, on If you can’t make 6 July, get in touch anyway! Our volunteer evenings are a regular occurrence, and tend to take place in the first week or so of each month and we can keep you on our regular mailing list.

We’d love to see you there!


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