Could you be a champion for our cause?

We’re incredibly lucky to have such a strong team of volunteers supporting us at our London base. But there’s definitely a role for people who might like to support us from around the UK.

Specifically, we’re looking for champions for Book Aid International: passionate, talented people who can go out to regional businesses, schools, libraries, bookshops and other organisations and talk about the work we do. These regional champions could make a massive difference to our work, and therefore to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in sub-Saharan Africa.

You see, as a small charity, a great deal of our fundraising work is concentrated in London and the south-east. We simply don’t have the resources to talk to people further afield at the moment. And every £2 you can help us raise with those organisations around the UK will help to send another book overseas. There’s lots of potential – and it could really help you to use or develop your skills and experience.

Interested? We would offer full training and support to anyone who’d like to be one of our regional champions – so you’ll have all the vital facts and other info to hand, along with materials that pack a punch. And we’ll make sure that you (and anyone else that decides to support us as a result of your work) can understand exactly what kind of a difference you’re making.

To express an interest in becoming a regional champion, just leave us a comment below with your details or email Ideally we’d love to know a bit about you, where you are from and how you think you may be able to help us.


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