Volunteers: we really couldn’t do without them

It’s the start of National Volunteer Week  (1-7 June), so we thought we’d spend a little time shining the spotlight on some very special people we couldn’t do without.

Millions of volunteers across the UK make an incredible difference to the work of charities, transforming the lives of people across the globe. Book Aid International is lucky enough to have a number of these men and women, and as Richard, our assistant librarian and volunteer coordinator says, “We really couldn’t do without them.”

Book Aid International’s volunteers come from all walks and stages of life. Some have retired and are looking to lend their spare energy to a good cause, others are between jobs or simply looking to do something different from their day role. We’re incredibly lucky to have such a loyal band too – Jean, for example, has been with us for around 20 years!

Each day is different, but on average we have two volunteers in each day, and they help in a number of ways – from office support, to the crucial shelving of books, and the packing and stamping of the enormous packages we send to communities in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, without them there’s simply no way we would be able to send more than half a million books overseas each year.

So to Jean and all of our other dedicated, hard-working volunteers, over the next week we’d like to say a great big thank you! Thanks to you, books can change lives.


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