Going the distance

Watching the Royal Wedding and all the crowds on the Mall recently couldn’t help but remind us of our valiant London Marathon runners, Gill Harris, Sue Weir and Markus Ketola.

If you’ve never been to the Marathon, the atmosphere around the event is every bit as electric as it appears on television. And so it ought to be, because running 26.2 miles is an incredible physical and emotional achievement. It’s an event filled with personal stories and emotion, with the crowd sometimes literally lifting the runners’ spirits to carry them through the race and over the finishing line.

We’re so grateful to Gill, Sue and Markus for choosing to represent us and raise funds on our behalf. Gill described that agonising finish for us:

“And so finally to Bird Cage Walk and the Mall. Never does 800m, 400m 365 yards, seem so long, but finally you’re there, crossing the line (4 hours 29 mins 20 secs) and it’s hard to believe that you don’t have to run any more. You have just decided that the run is never going to finish, that you are going to have to run for the whole of the rest of your life, that this is now what life is going to be like, when someone steps forward and puts a medal around your neck and a goody bag in your hand and says ‘well done’.

“I am really proud to be running for Book Aid International. From receiving books from Book Aid when I was a volunteer librarian in The Gambia, through working with them for a few months when I returned and being a regular donor of books when books were required from libraries, I have always recognised the huge contribution they make to libraries in developing countries, and the huge difference libraries and resources centres make to the lives of the people in those communities.”

Do you think you could run the Marathon for Book Aid International, and achieve what Gill, Markus and Sue did this year? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Or if you’d rather take on a smaller, sooner challenge, there are plenty of events like the Adidas Women’s 5K Challenge to try (find us in List A when you complete the registration form).


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