Exploring new worlds in western Uganda

Book Aid International has been sending books to Uganda since the 1990s and in 2010 provided over 83,000 books to 350 libraries across the country.  Here is the story of just one of those, the Kasiisi school library in Western Uganda.

They had approached us in 2009 for help in stocking the shelves of the library, which they had just completed. In the year and a half since, we’ve provided more than 1,400 high-quality children’s picture books, and primary and secondary textbooks. And the library now serves 1,500 children aged between five and 12, all eager to explore and learn.

Florence, a pupil at the Kasiisi school, told us: “We spend much time in our good library, reading the books. We have explored most parts of the world using the books. So the only thing I would say is thank you a thousand times!”

It’s all a far cry from 2008, when the library was just a locked storage room with just a few, outdated textbooks for children like Florence to learn from. There’s now even a dedicated teacher in the library, Moses, whose weekly classes aim to improve literacy throughout the school. This, along with the quality of books available in the library, seem to be making the difference.

Barbara, the director at the Kasiisi library project, said: “Many choose to spend break and lunch times in the library. Some find a quiet corner and relax with a book, others use the reference books to research topics for their classes. The books sent by Book Aid International provide intellectual sustenance and a world of delight.”

Find out more about how you can support projects like the one at the Kasiisi school.


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