Join the Reverse Book Club

Edward Ndlovu Memorial Library Gwanda (25)

During the build-up to World Book Day, we heard from lots of you who were surprised how easy it is to make a difference by supporting Book Aid International.

The idea that it only takes £2 to send a book overseas really seized imaginations – especially when you consider just how it can change a life. Take 14-year-old Rukia, a regular reader at a library we support in north-east Kenya. She told us, “I want to be a doctor when I leave school. My parents died from tuberculosis when I was six. I hope they would be proud of me.”

So now that World Book Day and World Book Night are over, there’s an easy for you to continue supporting literacy in sub-Saharan Africa if you would like to do so: it’s the Reverse Book Club!

For just £6 a month (that’s about the same as three weeks’ Sunday papers), you can send three books, each of which will benefit a community more than you can imagine.

As Michael Palin, a keen supporter of Book Aid International, told us, “One of the things I’ve found on my journeys is the thirst to learn more about the world, and this is one sure way to help people get more out of life. Each and every book sent gets read over and over again – changing thousands of lives.”

If you’re interested, find out more and join the Reverse Book Club.


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