What sort of books will you send? [3 days until World Book Day]

Guwe Secondary School Library

As we all gear up for World Book Day, and with lots of you taking part in or supporting some kind of fundraising activity, we thought you might like to know what sorts of books you’ll be helping to send overseas.

Book Aid International focuses on sub-Saharan Africa because it’s the poorest region in the world, and they have many different needs. We support them with:

School books: We provide school and public libraries with supplementary reading materials such as encyclopaedias, atlases, dictionaries and fiction (including titles published in Africa). They support what pupils learn in class and help develop their literacy skills.

Fiction: We send a range of fiction for adults and young people alike, with popular romance and English language classics enormously enjoyed by readers. Fiction offers escapism, relaxation and a window on another world.

Vocational books: We send around 25,000 vocational books to partners a year, in subjects as varied as tourism, electronics, publishing, office skills and business studies. While unemployment rates are generally high in sub-Saharan Africa, many employers need an increasingly educated workforce, and many governments are encouraging vocational training to stimulate their economies.

Teacher training: We provide thousands of books to support vital programmes for teacher training in a number of our partner countries. More books are also needed in schools where one book is sometimes shared between ten pupils.

Health titles: We give specialist health books and general titles to medical schools, hospitals, and community health centres. These institutions do not have adequate books for their readers, nor the budget to buy them.

There you have it. When you join in for World Book Day on Thursday, you’ll be helping to send all these forms of support, as well as training for librarians and much more.

So do something incredible this Thursday.

Mzilikazi Public Library Bulawayo


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