Meet Talk Give for libraries


Inspired by news of Zoe’s librarithon from the other day, we thought we’d update you about ways to take Meet Talk Give into your local library.


  1. Set your date at the library, and tell your book group or enthusiastic library-goers about the book you’ll be reading. Allow enough time for everyone to borrow from the library and have a read!
  2. Tell people about the fundraising element. In some countries it can take up to a month’s wages to buy just one book…yet it costs you and me just £2 to send a book to sub-Saharan Africa through Book Aid International.
  3. Hold your Meet Talk Give. You can extend the event with our bookish quiz, if you like.
  4. Collect your funds, either in person, or using a site like JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving. If you’re doing it online, your funds will go straight to us. If you’re doing it in person, you can use our return form to help us keep track.

So that’s it! There’s a reading list you can use to help, if you like. Whatever you decide to do for World Book Day, you’ll be making a massive difference.

Professor Suleiman Gulaid, president of Amound University in Somaliland, even told us: “Your donation of books…is directly contributing to the re-establishment of the culture of peace, the restoration of civil society and the rule of law in this part of Africa.”



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