Where does your money go?

So we’ve featured a few of your fundraising stories over the last week or so – some bookish, and some not so much!

Now, as part of the build-up to World Book Day, we thought it might be nice to remind you just what an incredible difference your support can make.

These are some children from the Foundation Petit Dan and Sarah Orphanage in Soa, Cameroon.

It’s home to around 40 little ones of all ages, and Book Aid International has been supporting their library since 2003. The school, and the wider community, has really seen the benefit, according to their director, Ms Jeanne Veronique Atsam:

“We have many children’s books but you have given us especially good books in higher education topics such as linguistics and biology. We have been able to help many of the local university students with their studies by opening up the library for their use. This has given us the opportunity to reach out to many more people. We thank you very very much for this programme to support libraries like ours, because it is so widely used.”

We’ll be sharing more stories from some of the communities we support over the next couple of weeks as we all gear up for World Book Day, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering what it looks like in the Book Aid International warehouse, check out this video of us packaging up one more shipment of books:


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