Books spark imaginations at Guwe Primary School

We were trying to think of a way to tell you more about how your support for World Book Day and Book Aid International makes a difference. So then we thought maybe we would just show you instead.

These are the children of Guwe Primary School, Zimbabwe. We were there about nine months ago, in May 2010, to deliver some books to the primary and secondary schools.

Many families in Zimbabwe struggle to send their children to school, because it’s just so expensive. Here in the village of Guwe the price of education is a bit lower, so more are able to afford it. While the library is basically just a storeroom with books in it, they have the basics: a community of children eager to learn, teachers, and a library borrowing system. All they needed were some better books!

Every three weeks, this donkey-powered (!) mobile library comes along to give the children an extra choice of books to the stock they have at school. So what’s going down well with the children at this school? Well, at the time The Ugly Duckling was a particular hit. But it just looks like books are a big hit all round!

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