Introducing Meet Talk Give

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog about Book Aid International and World Book Day, you’re a book lover. OK, it’s not 100% scientific, but the odds are fair.
That’s why we’ve created Meet Talk Give to help make fundraising for World Book Day really fun and easy for you to do.
Meet Talk Give is a fun way to bring your book group or a bunch of friends together to chat about a book you’ve all read, and make a difference. All you need to do is take a small donation – we’ve suggested £2 each because that’s how much it costs to send one more book to a community that will really appreciate it. Our how-to guide is ready for you to download, and breaks it all down into small steps. It’s easy:
  1. Choose when, where and who Start with a date and a venue (the sofa? the pub?), and let your friends know.
  2. Don’t forget the book! Just in case you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve included some recommended reads. They might help you think about how your support for World Book Day makes a difference.
  3. Collect your funds Let your friends know their contribution in advance and gather the funds as they arrive. You could always use an online collection site as well, such as JustGiving,Virgin Money Giving or one of the many micro-donation services.
  4. Send it in We’ve included a handy paying-in slip for you to use, and instructions on how to return the money.
So it’s as easy as that! We’ve even included a book quiz for you to build in extra fun to Meet Talk Give. How many will you get right?

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