>Sunday Ist November


Change of plan and visited libraries in Hargeisa today including three schools, one community library and the Africa Educational Trust (AET) resource centre.

The schools had good-sized rooms for their libraries and science books were very popular, especially those that matched the syllabus. Readers had left behind on the reading tables Treasure Island, Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket novels, so there is also some reading for pleasure.

The AET resource centre was very popular – it is likely to have been visited 17,000 times this year. University students and secondary school students were using it whilst I was there.

Two I spoke to wanted to go on and become a pharmacist and engineer, whilst another, now studying at University, had been using the centre since he was in grade 3 at school. Lots of Book Aid International books were in use. There was only one female though – partly because not many girls go beyond primary school, but in the schools, up to a quarter of students were female.


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