>Hi again!
Sorry for the prolonged silence here – training had to be somewhat sidelined during my three week holiday in Morocco (desert runs in 45 degree heat isn’t something I quite feel up to just yet.) Since my return 2 weeks ago however, I have been slowly building up my stamina and trying to counteract the effects of three weeks holiday idleness!

At present I am managing to run for an hour, which sees me covering half the 13 mile distance that awaits. With 7 weeks still to go, I hope this puts me on track. I have a friend also running it, which is a huge help. At the weekend we do runs together, including interval training (short sharp stints interspersed with walking) which I find very helpful for leg strength and stamina.
Varying the routes is key I think, I am lucky that I live right between Clapham and Wandsworth common so there is plenty of greenery to get me going. The river along Putney up to Hammersmith is another of my favourite routes.

Well I will keep you posted on all developments as October 12 looms large!


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